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Family Law Attorney in Ventura, California

When parents separate or divorce, it can be difficult to determine who receives custody. At The 805 Legal Team, we understand that every custody situation, like every child, is unique. Our Ventura, California, legal team will guide you through the entire divorce and custody process so there are no surprises, and so your and your children’s best interests are represented.

We provide family law services throughout Ventura, as well as Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo, California, and the surrounding areas. Call us to discuss your case and to navigate the confusing and often difficult laws regarding divorce and child custody.

Making Changes to Your Family Structure

Going through a separation or divorce can be scary. When one or both partners in a marriage are no longer happy, choosing to separate or even divorce may be the answer. However, both parents will want the best for everyone involved, including the children. In fact, your children’s everyday lives may be affected even more than your own. Where and with whom will they live? Will they have to change schools, or even move to a different city?

Navigating a Divorce in California

In divorce and custody cases, seeking legal representation can help protect your interests--and even help you protect your children’s best interests. The State of California is a “no-fault” divorce state, meaning that neither spouse necessarily needs to assign blame for a divorce, nor does either spouse have to cross a serious boundary like abuse or theft toward the other.

California allows you to end your marriage and change your family situation simply to serve your best wishes—for example, citing “irreconcilable differences.” The only necessary grounds for divorce are your desire to do so. However, even when the choice to separate is easy, the legal process that follows can be detailed and stressful to go through on your own.

Protect Those Who Matter Most

How Child Custody Is Decided in California

Child custody laws, meanwhile, are even more complex—especially because they involve minors. Child custody cases determine if one or both parents will live with a child, how to share custody, and to what degree each parent can be involved with a child or children.

Different states have specific custody laws, but child custody in California is determined by a child's best interests or the situation in which they’d be most comfortable. Their age, health, emotional ties to each parent and other siblings, and school and community involvement are also involved in the decision. Serious factors like possible abuse, neglect, or either parent’s criminal and drug use history are also considered.

However, state laws focus on creating a clear and workable “parenting plan,” or an arrangement that both parents will understand and can easily follow. For example, parents may want to alternate custody several times throughout a week, but busy Southern California traffic can make it too difficult to do so. Therefore, the court may propose a more workable solution to share custody, like alternating weeks with each parent. The court may even agree that visitation is more ideal for a child than shared custody.

Meanwhile, couples and the court system may have to select a child support arrangement. Deciding on child support rates, modifying any previous orders, and determining paternity can make the entire separation process far more complex. Thankfully, you don’t have to do this alone.

Here for Your Family in Your Time of Need

While many parents may discuss child custody privately, it's essential to have an experienced family law team on your side. After all, no matter what arrangement you choose, the California court system will need to review and approve it. The 805 Legal Team has the experience to guide you through the complex and often difficult custody process, whether it needs to be settled with a few simple discussions, in a mediated meeting, or even before a judge.

Schedule a Free Consultation Today

No divorce or child custody case is easy, even when you and your partner seem to agree on all terms. Let us help you come out the other side of a divorce with your best interests represented. If you live within Ventura, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo, California, and the surrounding areas, call The 805 Legal Team today to schedule your free, 30-minute consultation and discuss your family’s situation. Our team is experienced, detail-oriented, and maintains a solid relationship with judges and other local legal professionals.

Family Law Attorney Serving California

No matter the circumstances, cases of family law are emotional. When your family needs to start its next chapter, team up with a compassionate attorney who can help you seek a favorable solution. Reach out to us at The 805 Legal Team if you need guidance during a divorce or child custody dispute in Central and Southern California.