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  • Delivering Favorable Results

    When it comes to criminal defense and family law cases, results are the only things that matter. Our ultimate goal is to achieve results that reflect your best interest, and the best interest of your family.

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  • DUI Defense: Expertise Matters

    If handled improperly a DUI can cost you your license, your job, and even your freedom. Whether this is your first offense or if you’re facing a repeat offense, you need a skilled attorney to defend you. We use our expertise in DUI defense to get you the best possible results and to minimize a DUI’s impact on your life.

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  • We Fight For You In Family Court

    We understand how difficult, confusing, and oftentimes discouraging it can be trying to navigate the family court system. We’re here to help! We strive to provide our clients with aggressive, effective legal representation that achieves your goals at a price that’s within your reach.

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Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is a serious offense in California that carries severe penalties. Even for a first offense, a convicted motorist may face up to six months in jail.

Criminal Defense

If convicted of a criminal offense, you will be facing legal penalties that may subject you to costly fines, can cause you to lose your driving penalties, and compromise your freedom.


We understand that nothing is more important to you than the health, safety, and well-being of your child. We fight for parents in all child-related cases, including custody, visitation, child support, determination of paternity, modification of prior orders, and against the Department of Child Welfare Services.


Divorce is a complicated and confusing process. Even in the most amicable splits, most divorcees are grateful to have an experienced family law attorney to help guide them through the many facets of this process.

We're Here to Help

Even in the bleakest situations, an effective solution is never out of reach. The attorneys that comprise the 805 Legal Team are well-equipped to handle all aspects of a divorce - child custody, alimony, child support etc. - and your DUI, misdemeanor or felony criminal charges.

Resolving any issue in life takes looking at it from the right perspective. But there are some problems that you can't tackle by yourself. When it comes to serious matters like divorce and criminal charges, you need the help of a skilled attorney to help you figure out which course of action to take. The 805 Legal Team can help you navigate through these obstacles with adequate and skilled representation.

Serving clients in all of central and southern California, the 805 Legal Team has a track record of delivering favorable results for their clients. We look at the issues you're dealing with a fresh and objective perspective to help you identify what's important, give you options tailored to your circumstances, and draft a plan that maximizes your likelihood of achieving your goals. Whether you've gotten DUI charges, are contemplating a divorce, or are facing any other legal adversity within the family law or criminal defense areas of law, we will make sure your needs, interests, and rights are protected inside and outside of the courtroom.

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